So Why Is Gamics just a Blog now?

March 12, 2013

My good friend Noah Fallis designed the original Gamics site years back.  It was a php site and he taught me a few tricks so I could modify the code myself and keep the site running.  This was well before these here new-fangled content management interface sites we all play around with today.

But… the site had run it’s course.  I had a re-design in motion, and, well…

Gamics was a hobby, that became a job, that is once again a hobby.  So, for now it’s a blog, but maybe in the future it will once again be a unique site.  We’ll see!

For now though I thought I’d dig out a few of my favs and share them until I can get the whole library back online.


"Path to the Force" -Star Wars Galaxies

“Path to the Force” -Star Wars Galaxies

Turning "Tomb Raider Legend" full-story into a Gamic

Turning “Tomb Raider Legend” full-story into a Gamic

"Live and Die by the Gun" -based on GUN

“Live and Die by the Gun” -based on GUN


"Eat My (Gamic) Shorts" -The Simpsons Game

“Eat My (Gamic) Shorts” -The Simpsons Game

"A Life to Full" -Matrix Online

“A Life to Full” -Matrix Online

"The Phantom Idiots" -Lego Star Wars

“The Phantom Idiots” -Lego Star Wars

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