What the heck is Gamics?

March 12, 2013

To start, Games + Comics = Gamics.

Years back I jumped headfirst into playing Star Wars Galaxies.  It was a huge world with memorable characters that did a perfect job of covering the nuances of the Galaxy.  I would take screenshots to show off something new I may have just found to friends or my wife (who also played a bit!).

Then I had the idea to drop a caption onto a screenshot.  This was even before I had access to Photoshop so I actually took black and white print outs, wrote up a script, cut the dialogue lines out, and then pasted them on to see if it would look right.  Talk about your minimal viable product!

It looked right, all right!

Below is the very first Gamic I created.

However, in true Star Wars style, it’s not actually the first one!  It’s a remake of it!  My skill at the design consistently improved, and since this Star Wars Gamic was the flagship, I wanted to make them all the best.  I can somehow identify with George Lucas’ tinkering.  Ok, I’m probably the only one, but I at least think I know where he was coming from.

Without further ado, the first ever Gamic.  Star Wars Galaxies – Path to the Force, featuring my Wookie character E’nac!


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